NFC system started it’s a bigger boom in ~2014, when Google and Apple added bigger support for NFC payments and all this stuff around. It was the same year when I’ve added basic support for NFC into Locus Map application.

The main idea was to automatize and simplify repeatable situations like set something, enable/disable something, etc.Configured NFC tag on the bike was one possible solution.

Unfortunately capacity of these tags was really low and together with its price, NFC usage in Locus Map was always one of the less used functions. Well, this won’t any longer be true as we decided to remove it from Locus Map completely.


NFC support

We may use alternative approach. Tasker application allows us to create and control Locus Map over so called Action tasks as I described in the previous post. What if we should start certain task over NFC tag?

I’ll try to describe two application we already wrote about, that may help us with this task. Tasker and MacroDroid.

If I may suggest, my personal experience: Tasker is more powerful, but lot more complext. I personally prefer MacroDroid which has UI closer to what my head is able to consume .

Over Tasker

1. Preparation

  • define task by method described in previous post
  • prepare your nice new NFC tag, best some waterproof sticker that may be placed on bike
  • rather validate once more that your device is NFC capable

2. Prepare event

  • open Tasker > tab PROFILES
  • FAB (floating action button) + button > Event > Net > NFC Tag


  • tap magnifier icon in ID title and scan your tag. ID field should be filled.


  • press back
  • Tasker now offer available tasks, so choose your Start bike ride

And we are done!

Over MacroDroid

And what about MacroDroid you may ask? Similar system exists here as well. Setup of basics of MacroDroid was also descrined in previous post. Post ended with suggestion to specify custom trigger. And this is what we need to do here.

  • long click on your macro > Edit
  • tap on Empty trigger > Delete
  • tap on + in Triggers > Device Events > NFC Tag > Write New Tag


And we are done. Enjoy your next trip!