In the previous post we talked about quite a new system of Action tasks, so suggest to read basics and why it may be useful for you.

In this post, let’s look on how to use them even if you are not Android developer. Today with the help of the Tasker application.

How to: Tasker

1. Preparation

2. Create a Tasker task

  • open Tasker > tab TASKS
  • FAB (floating action button) + button > name your new task. I created Start bike ride > OK
  • we are in our new task


3a. Define Locus action (the hard way)

  • + to add new action, filter intent and select Send intent


  • now we need to specify parameters for new action. Following fields have to be filled:

    • Action:
    • Extra: tasks: { preset: { action: "start", name: "Bike" }, track_record: { action: "start", name: "Biking" } }
    • Package: (or for Locus Classic)

3b. Define Locus action (the easy way)

This step require installed Locus Map Tasker Plugin.

  • + to add new action > Plugin > Locus Map Addon Tasker Plugin > Execute Action Task
  • in Configuration section tap on the pencil on the right side

Now you see all supported actions you may define. Let’s set the same system as for the hard way before.

  • check Preset apply > insert Bike
  • check Track record > start and insert Biking
  • confirm by OK

Addon completely generates complicated JSON text we had to define before, nice right?

4. Usage

Now it is completely on you, how you execute the defined task.